Skora Running Shoes


If you like running and if it has become part of your daily life, you may want to wear shoes which make your feet feel the ground as close as possible. This is what Skora Form Running Shoes are about. If you like a minimalist style and want to feel the ground on pavements still protecting your legs, it’s worth for you to try. It’s made of Realfit last technology and contains elastic feel strap, zero drop construction, and anti-slip microfiber heel pad. It is lightweight, it weighs at 9.6 ounces (US Size 10.5), 8.2 ounces without the insert/insole. It is available in 3 colors  grey, black, and fluorescent yellow, for the price of 195$. As the company claims, running is programmed ability in our DNA, so we can use this ability for the best running performance.

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$47 USD

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