Slim Tread Ultra Thin Smart Treadmill is the First Portable Treadmill for Running at Home


Let’s be honest for a moment. If you are like me, you are probably struggling to exercise more and to get fit. We can make frequent exercise as a part of our routine and worry less about our health. However, we don’t always have the time or necessary wish to visit the gym. One of the options is to exercise at home. If you invest more in home equipment for exercise it will be both fun and less time-consuming option.

Slim Tread Ultra Thin Smart Treadmill is a small portable treadmill for exercising at home. The Slim Tread solves not only the problem of less exercise but also it saves your living space. This extra-thin treadmill fits under sofa or bed and works exactly as traditional treadmills and even more. Being only 55 inches long and 25 inches wide, Slim Tread offers smart functionalities such as adjusting the running speed automatically and connecting to your smartphone to track your daily exercise habits.

In order to use the treadmill simply turn the power on and begin exercising. As you exercise, you may want to increase or decrease your speed. When you want to decrease your speed just walk down slower and lean on the front side of the treadmill. The Slim Tread uses infrared sensors to adjust your speed.


There is a digital display which shows the workout status.

When you are done exercising just turn off the treadmill and place it under the bed or sofa. The treadmill weighs only 49lbs(25 kg). It is extremely stylish, sleek and portable.

Slim Thread Smart Treadmill

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