Sierra Madre Research Introduced SMR Inferno Warm Cocoon for Hammock


The American trademark Sierra Madre Research (SMR), has recently posted a new project Kickstarter – a two-component insulating hammock cocoon system, SMR Inferno. The system is designed primarily for winter camping and is designed for comfortable use up to -17 ° C degrees. The Inferno provides a sleeping bag for your hammock which warms you both from the top inside and from the back.

SMR Inferno consists of two main elements – the external sleeping blanket Inferno Top Quilt and the warming external support Inferno Under Quilt. Each element is sold separately and is supplemented by its transportation cover. Both elements are made mainly of light and durable fabric with rip-stop reinforcement. As a heat-insulating filler, natural fluff is used by hydrophobic treatment of DownTek. The density of heat insulation stuffing, as claimed by the developers, is not less than 800 FP.

At this stage, developers of Sierra Madre Research offer the SMR Inferno sleeping bag in two versions.  The difference between models is only in the weight of the heater and accordingly in the total weight of the entire system – SMR Inferno 30 ° (to -1 ° C) and SMR Inferno 0 ° (up to -17 ° С).

SMR Inferno project was successful ahead of schedule, having collected almost $ 50,000 on Kickstarter, twice as much as planned. Elements of the system can be purchased separately or as a set, which is cheaper.

The minimum cost of sets SMR Inferno 30 ° and SMR Inferno 0 °, excluding delivery, is $339 and $439 respectively. Orders will be shipped starting from November 2017.

$440 USD

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