Sobro Is A Coffee Table Designed For The 21st Century


Coffee tables should look nice, provide enough room for various trinkets and have enough space on the top to keep our phones, glasses and other stuff on them. There isn’t much philosophy when buying a new coffee table unless you want something more. Well, the Sobro coffee table provides more, this incredible piece of furniture is the future, and once you check it out it getting one will become one of your life’s goals.


Sobro is different. This coffee table brings so many features in a sharp-looking package that you might think how no one had thought of this before? With the Sobro you get Bluetooth speakers to play music from your mobile devices as well as from your TV, charging ports so that everyone can charge their laptops, phones, and tablets, and the damn table also comes with a refrigerator! Really, how come no one thought of this before? At least the refrigerator part. Really, having a cooler to keep your beverages is so awesome it surpasses all other features of the table. There will be no more goals, clutch shots, and phenomenal touchdowns you missed because the bottle got empty and a trip to the kitchen for a refill had to be taken.


Yes, the refrigerator is the single coolest feature someone could equip a coffee table with, but Sobro has filled with surprises. Firstly, just look at it; it looks like a futuristic piece of furniture seen in various Sci-Fi movies. The top is made out of tempered glass and it features touch controls so you can control Bluetooth, audio, drawer temperature and lights. Yes, the table features LED lights on the underside that can set the mood for the party, or can be abated for a quiet movie night.

Sobro can connect to your TV via Bluetooth so if you own a smart TV, the sound can be played on Sobro’s powerful speakers. If you don’t own a smart TV don’t worry; the table comes with a free Bluetooth dongle in order to connect with regular TV devices. Dual speakers placed on each side provide clear sound along with rich bass. Don’t rely on your feeble wireless speaker to play music from mobile devices. Connect them with the Sobro and enjoy a rich audio experience.

The table features two drawers for keeping charging cables, remotes, headphones, or something else you want to have at hands reach. There are also two USB charging ports along with two power outlets so your devices can be recharged while you’re watching your favorite show. In other words, the Sobro coffee table provides so much cool stuff that we really can’t believe how it got made in the first place.

The table is available in three color choices (white, black, and wood), and it can be bought on IndieGoGo’s market for $899 (40 percent off retail price). The project is already funded and shipping should start by September 2017.

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$899 USD

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