Soma Brew Bottle – the Next Generation Coffee Bottle


Soma, the master of sustainable water filtration based in Seattle, has introduced their first product for coffee drinkers. The company has designed 12 oz. all in one brew bottle which the average person can use in their daily life. With Soma Water Bottle, you will be able to quickly brew your favorite coffee and go.

The product is made of BPA-free, dishwasher friendly, double-wall borosilicate glass and recycled plastic cap. The glass protects the coffee and helps to maintain the temperatures. You can brew both hot and cold beverages. If you want the cold brew, combine coffee grounds with water and refrigerate overnight.

The reusable bottle is outfitted with a stainless steel filter which can be positioned in two ways: to top and to the bottom for pour over and immersion brewing. There is a mesh filter at the top of the cap for preventing coffee to enter the brewing process.

The soma bottle is available for purchase for $40 at their website.

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$40 USD

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