Soto Sod-372 Stormbreaker – a New Multifuel Burner for All Seasons


The Japanese brand Soto (Shinfuji Burner Co.) plans to bring its new multi-fuel burner Soto SOD-372 StormBreaker for the international market. The burner stands out with its convenience and efficiency. You can use it in both in cold and windy weather conditions, including in the mountains. Designers have combined the effectiveness of their WindMaster model with design features of version Muka.

The multi fuel burner has a foldable structure, made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. The total weight of the burner including a fuel house, tank, and fuel support controller is 443 grams. It works on any liquid fuel which you can find: gas, diesel, petrol kerosene, naphtha and more.

The device can provide the medium heat of 3500 W (3000 Kcal / h 11942 BTU). The approximate consumption of fuel differs on the type of liquid used. If you use butane, isobutane and propane gas, it will consume nearly 250 grams of the liquid mixture in 48 minutes. If you use the petrol, it will burn 480 ml of it in 96 minutes. The only takeaway is that the measurements took place at temperatures of not lower than +25C. We do not know how much it will take to boil one liter of water, though.

Sales of Soto SOD-372 StormBreaker should begin in spring 2017. The estimated cost of the entire set will be about $ 200. Gas bottle and the liquid fuel container will be available separately for purchase. You will be able to buy the set in

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