Spinn Coffee Maker Brews All Types of Traditional Coffee with Centrifugal Force


Spinn Coffee Maker is the product of Dick de Kock, founder of Cofee Company in Netherlands. His team of 20 people are currently working on the development of revolutionary Keurig coffee machine. The coffee maker is now available for preorder. The shipments are expected to begin in first quarter of 2017.

What makes the coffee maker different, is its use of new technologies. Firstly, Spinn Coffee Maker is one of the few devices that work with Internet of Things. It will have an ability to connect to a web-based coffee retail marketplace to order coffee beans on demand. It is also smart enough to connect to your phone. You will be able to select different modes of brewing coffee. Secondly, it will have rapidly spinning brew chambers that creates centrifugal force, enough to produce real coffee with different traditional brewing methods.

The machine’s spinn speed starts from 500 to 6000RPM. You can select which type of coffee you want to brew(espresso, americano, traditional coffee) by selecting the spinn speed on your smartphone app. The device contains electronically adjustable grinder with Ditting’s EL 100 steel conical burrs. It will also use “flow-through” water heating technology, that is capable of heating cold water in several seconds. The water container measures 57.5fl-oz and the bean container has the volume of 42.2fl-oz.

The device will come in three models, Original, Original Pro and Original Plus. Models differ from each other with the avialability of additional accessories: spinn carafe and spinn bean reservoir. The expected retail price of the machine is estimated to be $299 for the basic original model. You can preorder the Spinn Coffee Maker on product’s website. The crowdfunding campaign is about to start.


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$300 USD

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