Stagg EKG is the Electric Pour-Over Kettle for Perfect Cup of Joe in mornings


Enthusiasts in Fellow have created unusual but yet practical gadget -Stagg  EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle device. They have created the kettle that will brew the coffee with various temperature modes. The kettle is easy to use and smart. It connects to your phone through Bluetooth and informs you about coffee’s re The project has been introduced on Kickstarter and it already has the excess of funding by three times.

Currently, there are two models presented in Stagg Electronic Kettle – Stagg EKG and Stagg EKG+. The models differ from each other by number of features and functionalities. Functionally, the electronic kettle looks the same in both models.

Both models feature variable temperature control, LCD screen which shows current heat temperature and heat level. There is also a hold button to stop your cooking stuff for while. If you want to set the temperature, you should twist the temperature dial. The EKG+ version additionally contains ability to set temperature, cafe connectivity and keeping track of the receipes.


Using device is very simple. When you have the water ready, just mix it with your favorite cofee and brew it picking up the right temperature. The signal will notify you when your coffee is ready. Just pick up the kettle and pour the awesome coffee to your cup once done.

Coming to the pricing information, Stagg EKG costs $105 while Stagg EKG+ estimates at $109. You can preoder the kettle from Kickstarter.

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$109 USD

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