The STANDING DESK 02 From Artifox Looks Cool and Packs Lots of Handy Features


When we talk about standing desks, we either create an image in our mind of a crowded office where all workers must use standing desks to use the limited space, or we remember that hilarious standing desk scene from the Family Guy. In other words, most of us don’t take standing desks seriously. Sure, they can keep your back painless and enable you to stand instead of slowly withering away in a chair, but most standing desks just don’t look cool enough to be placed inside a room where you do your work while in the house, or they just don’t offer enough features to replace good old classic work desks. Guys and gals from Artifox designed a standing desk that doesn’t only look striking, but one that packs lots of features that should make you more organized and efficient. The STANDING DESK 02 (oh, what an original name, but the company is known for giving run-of-the-mill names to their products) is an excellent standing desk that will make its place in lots of homes and offices.

When you first look at it, the desk does give away an undoubtedly natural attractiveness. The design follows minimalism rules, with two sets of simple table legs that can are adjustable for the desk to be used on uneven surfaces, and a large wood slate with a huge work area. The STANDING DESK 02 is made out of solid hardwood, and it is available in oak and walnut, with the top being offered in oak, walnut, or bone finish. If you don’t think wood is the best material, you can order a top made from a scratch resistant powder coated steel.

The top is huge, large enough for a laptop and a desktop monitor to be placed one next to another. The desk is compatible with Artifox’s stand accessory, and by using it, you can make even more space for your stuff. Since we’re living in a touch screen era, Artifox thought of putting a thin gap at the far end on the top, going from one side to another. The dock, as they call it, can house your smartphone and tablet, or a drawing board. Now, you can place all of your touch screen gadgets on the desk while keeping them ready for use.

The dock is dotted with holes for cable management, which can be secured with knots (another accessory) that can hold them in place. You get one knot in the selling package and can buy additional for $5 apiece. The grid, on which you can hook chargers and extension cords, is placed below the top, on the back side. It is an excellent cable management solution that keeps cables and chargers organized while not affecting the overall design. You can use two hooks placed on each side to stash your headphones, bag, charging cords, or something else.

If you want to equip your office with multiple desks, you should know that the STANDING DESK 02 can be easily configured in sets of two, creating perfect shared workspace.

The STANDING DESK 02 is one excellent piece of furniture. It is perfect for work; you can stand or use a counter-height stool to rest your legs a bit. It offers a huge amount of desk real estate and features a simple but effective cable management solution. On top of all that, it looks brilliant, and it would be a perfect standing desk if only the $1,150 price were a bit lower.

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$1,150 USD

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