Sticks x Stones Are Sunglasses Made Out Of Slate


If you want to nurture an original and uncommon style, check out the latest sunglasses collection from Prof Eyewear. The fashion company offers lots of different models, most made from wood along with a couple of models sporting classic metal frames. Overall, Prof Eyewear offers unique, cool, and stylish sunglasses perfectly suited for modern men. Their latest collection introduces a new material not often found in fashion accessories. The Sticks x Stones collection includes unique sunglasses made out of stone.

More accurately, the slate was used as a primary material, but that doesn’t mean you’ll crook your back while wearing them. Although these sunglasses are made out of slate, they are fifty percent lighter than an average pair of sunglasses.

Designers at Prof Eyewear managed to construct stone-made sunglasses that look cool and that are surprisingly light by combining slate and wood. The frame is made out of wood with stone used for the exterior. This gives the sunglasses increased durability while at the same time keeps the frame as light as possible.

The Sticks x Stones collection is comprised out of three models. All use polarized lenses are handmade, feature oak frame, and spring loaded hinges. The Rockland brings a touch of boldness and adventure with its Wayfarer-like frame and calm colors. The Moab fuses vintage looks with modern oval frame shape making a perfect pair of sunglasses both for men and women. And there’s the Sandpoint, expressly designed for ladies.

You can order a pair on Kickstarter for $79, or get two different frames for $150.

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$79 USD

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