StunBear is a Notebook that Simplifies Planning and Note Taking Process


StunBear is one of the simplest notebooks made by David Palmer, a passionate product designer in UK. The notebook has just been launched at Kickstarter and slowly moving towards its goal. What makes this notebook stand out is, the original approach taken to planning your priorities and organizing your thoughts. It differs from any ordinary notebook you can buy in stores with high quality paper and stable cover.

It is no doubt that paper notebooks are still number one choice for creative workers.  Unlike their digital counterparts, they help to get focused while you are planning. Writing also increases your creativity and logical thinking as pen movements with your fingers boost relevant parts of your brain.

Specifically, the StunBear offers to plan out your yearly, monthly and weekly priorities. In the first pages of the notebook, you can write down what you want to achieve this year both personally, and in your career.


Once yearly goals and to do lists have been defined, you can jump to monthly section and view your priorities in this month. There is a separate section for free note taking on the right side of a notebook.


Weekly planning sheets are as neat as monthly planners. The only difference between monthly and yearly planners, is the section which tracks your daily achievements. You can also track your water intake in weekly calendars.


The StunBean uses 80g ivory paper. According to the manufacturers, this paper does not bleed the ink and its quality lasts for long time. There are 16 perforated pages on the bottom.

You can buy the StunBean from a Kickstarter for a minimum of $20.

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$20 USD

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