SureFly Is A Huge Drone Capable Of Carrying Two Adults And It Can Become The Future Of Aerial Transport


We live in exciting times. Times when companies like Tesla offer electric cars that can cross hundreds of miles on just one battery charge, times when the autonomous driving industry is slowly advancing to its goal of constructing a car that can drive by itself, and in times when we might finally see a working, market-ready flying car. But one technology company named Workhorse has its own vision of the future, future where humans will fly in huge drones capable of crossing over traffic jams that no electric or autonomous car can save you from. Take a look at the SureFly, Workhorse’s latest product that can start a new era of aerial transport.

SureFly looks like a small helicopter and is equipped with eight propellers for increased stability. It is powered by a gasoline generator capable of making electricity needed for powering this big drone. The generator makes electric current and channels is to electric motors powering the propellers. There are eight motors (each powering one propeller) and they can make the SureFly cruise up to 70 miles per hour once the thing is in the air. The generator has enough capacity to power the craft for up to an hour which means that you can use it for short trips to the town, or just for exciting aerial tours.

The drone can carry up to 400 pounds meaning that there’s room for up to two adults, or for one person along with a solid cargo space. If you ever wanted to have a vehicle that is perfect for weekend getaways out of the city, this is the one. The drone itself is relatively light, weighing in at just 1,100 pounds, which is a pretty humble weight for an aircraft capable of taking up two adults. The lightweight drone is made out of carbon fiber and light metal and its propellers can be folded down allowing the SureFly to enter any standard garage.

It is a bit disappointing that you’ll have to learn how to fly a helicopter in order to use the SureFly, but the controls are fairly simple. The drone is equipped with relatively simple controls. You can move forward with a joystick, and you can control your altitude with a few simple push of a button. The best thing about it is that an on-board computer automatically adjusts the throttle and it keeps the drone stable, so the pilot doesn’t have to make adjustments every other second.

The SureFly is equipped with a lithium-ion battery so that the drone can be landed in case the generator goes off, and the ballistic parachute is there to land you softly in the case of any mechanical failure.

You can pre-order the huge, human-carrying drone for the Workforce but you’ll have to send a $1,000 deposit that’s refundable in case you change your mind. The drone itself should cost about $200,000 once it becomes available sometime during 2019. The SafeFly is a bit expensive but for just $200,000 you can have a drone that can take you on a trip, you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

If you are looking for alternative smaller version drones consider DJI Spark and Docomo.

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$200,000 USD

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