SWAYY Premus Insulated Camping Hammocks Keep You Warm Outdoors


As summer is approaching it’s time to prepare for the camping season. There are a lot of camping gear offered by the various manufacturers. However, choosing the right camping gear should involve researching the innovative solutions that ultimately save you more money. Fortunately, SWAYY is the US based company that offers two of such solutions.

SWAYY Premus™

The SWAYY has announced two products on Kickstarter. SWAYY Premus and SWAYY Eira. Both hammocks are constructed using the same idea and technology. In order to keep you warm, the company has used the LOFT insulation technology in both products. Basically, the tent is constructed using 3 layers. There is an empty air space between first and second layers. The trapped air pockets keep warmth and doesn’t let the cold air pass between the layers.

In addition to the air pocket insulation, the tents are equipped with another third layer to prevent the coldness of the wind to pass through thick material. As a result, the thickness of the hammock allows you forget about buying additional sleeping bags and blankets.

The Premus model is 10 feet long and can hold up to 182 kilograms. It uses the suspension system containing three parts: the carabiners, CD101 aluminum alloy cinch buckles, and Poly/Dyneema webbing. The carabiners are made of high grade A6061 cold-forged aluminum alloy weighing 25.7g. The high-tensile strength webbing is made from a polyester and Dyneema blend.

SWAYY Premus™

The Eira model has the same suspension system as the Premus model. The only difference is in the appearance and looks. The Eira model consists of an additional rainfly and it has more color options to choose from.


Both SWAYY Premus and Eira can be used for four season having the temperature range of 35-70°F  (1.6 – 21°C) .


Most importantly, the SWAYY hammocks are made in the USA. Buying the hammocks, you will be supporting the local manufacturers. You may purchase the item on Kickstarter for an early bird price of $280.
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$280 USD

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