Tegstove Camping Stove – Cook, Charge and Store


It has been more than two years when the official crowdfunding campaign for Tegstove was started in Indiegogo.com. Unfortunately, it has not been successful then. The Tegology, the British manufacturer of Techstove camping stove has made significant changes in the design of camping stove retaining its basic concept. As a result, the manufacturers have launched the product finishing the updated model.

Tegstove gas burner features an integrated thermoelectric generator and lithium-ion battery. It differs from the prototype by the redesigned and more compact dimensions. The overall weight was reduced and general characteristics were improved.

The Tegstove burner consists of the following elements: a 30 mm nozzle with a divider and a piezo spark (1760 W, 6000 BTU, a flow of 127 g / h), a thermoelectric generator of 56 mm in length and up to 750 mAh capacity, a battery capacity of up to 3000 mAh with microUSB and USB (5V, 1000 mAh). There is also a heat exchanger with a 230 mAh fan.

Polymeric sliding and a steel sliding stand hold your cooking utensils effectively. The burner operates from standard butane cylinders of type P220, which, with are quickly cooled.

You can order Tegstove gas stove both through the manufacturer’s website and through online stores of some UK distributors of outdoor equipment. The retail price of the original device is between $ 195.

$195 USD

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