Tesla Opens Pre-orders For Solar Roof


Today, Tesla has announced the pre orders for its Solar Roof. The project has been under development since last year. The solar roof will be able available as ordinary roof tiles that come in two forms – the ones with hidden solar cells and the ones that don’t have one.

Because not all parts of your roof needs solar panels you can choose how many tiles will actually be equipped with solar batteries. How much tiles will be there in your house will depend on your house itself. The areas which don’t receive much sun during the year will be equipped with ordinary roof tiles. You can choose between various designs of tiles: textured, smooth, French Slate and Tuscan finishes.

Once roof tiles capture solar energy, they are stored in Tesla’s Powerwall. You can purchase the powerwall which offers kWh of storage  separately for about $3500.

As for the quality of tiles Elon Musk has revealed the video demonstrating a weight falling into the roof. Tesla’s roofs successfully endured stones and heavy objects thrown into it.

One thing that is unclear about solar roof is pricing. The pricing will differ depending on tax regulations, square of area to be roofed and your house’s energy requirements.

You can use the calculator here.

$50,000 USD

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