The Alpina E Strap Can Turn Your Regular Watch Into a Smartwatch


A couple of years ago, smartwatches were considered as the next big thing in wearable technology. They were designed as devices that can serve as standard watches and capable of replacing your smartphone or at least keeping it in your pocket. The revolution was ready, but the whole thing kind of failed. Smartwatches can be helpful, but they have lots of downsides. While we are used to charging our phone each day, the same cannot be said about our watch. Aside from poor battery life, they don’t offer enough useful features, and while Google enabled them to work on their own, without the need to pair them to a smartphone, they are still struggling to sell. And, maybe the biggest problem with the gadget is in the design department. There are thousands of watch models, and many people own a couple. If you buy a smartwatch, you have to carry it at all times in order to use its features. And most smartwatch models aren’t really looking stylish or luxurious. The problem has a nice solution; if you want most smartwatch features, equip your regular watch with a smart strap, like the Alpina E Strap.

The Alpina E Strap may seem like a perfect solution. All hardware was put into the buckle, hidden from plain sight by leather. But the limited size meant that the hardware can offer only a couple of features. With The Alpina E Strap, you can track your steps, calories, and sleep. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity, necessary for the hardware to show data since the strap doesn’t feature a display. In terms of design, the E Strap looks attractive, and it can be combined with a variety of watches, but it comes only with 22mm wide straps. The leather is of the highest quality and we can say the designers did an excellent job with the strap’s looks.

Now, a companion app has to be installed on your phone in order for the strap to show you data. Once you install the app just pair the strap with a smartphone and it will automatically start sending the data. Although there aren’t many features, The Alpina E Strap does provide the most important features used with smart bands and smartwatches. And another plus is the fact the battery can last up to a whole week, much longer than with regular smartwatches.

The E Strap is a great solution for people who own regular watches but want some smart capabilities. It is a shame the strap doesn’t come with a heart rate monitor, but the battery problems prevented it from happening. At the moment, there’s only the leather version available in black, blue, dark brown, and light brown colors. You can but The Alpina E Strap for $194 on Alpina’s website. A more luxurious version, offered by Frederique Constant can be yours for about $260.

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$194 USD

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