The Barisieur – an Alarm Clock That Prepares a Coffee


There has been much debate among the scientists about coffee being a first think to drink after you wake up. According to scientists, the best time to drink coffee is between 9.30 -11:30 and 13:30-17:30. It is connected to cortisol hormone which makes you feel awake in the morning and keeps you active during the day. This is the time when our cortisol levels start dropping. Those who wake up early in the morning also do not need to drink coffee right after waking up. According to scientists, at least an hour should pass before you drink your first coffee in the morning after you get up.

However, in ideal condition, you should avoid drinking coffee at all and drink healthier liquids instead. In the not ideal world, we need to stay awake longer at nights and wake up much earlier in order to go the office for work. It is very hard to really wake up and to get up when you are still tired after 8 hours of sleep. In such cases, an alarm clock that prepares a coffee is an ideal solution.

The designer Joshua Renouf has come up with an alarm clock that starts brewing a fresh cup of coffee even before you wake up in the morning. It uses induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings  to boil water. Just pour some coffee, sugar and milk to a special storage slot before going to bed. You will wake up in the morning of the sound of ball bearings vibrating as they boil the water. There is one disadvantage – the product is not available yet. You preorder it here.

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