The City Clock – a Binary Clock, a Perfect Decoration, and a Work of Art


There are many clock types, but binary ones are the most interesting to us, tech geeks. Unlike regular analog and digital clocks, binary clocks show numbers in, yeah you probably already guessed this one, binary style. With just 0s and 1s, binary clocks aren’t really the best for a quick glance to read what time it is, but it is interesting to have a clock that really stands out. And the City Clock stands out in more than one way, believe us.

The City Clock would probably stay just an idea if it wasn’t for Kickstarter. The online funding platform gave us some extremely cool stuff, and the City Clock is surely one of the most cool-looking projects Kickstarter has ever seen. In the words of the team behind the project, “The City Clock is a binary clock inside a wooden Parisian Haussmanian building for tech-lovers who are also poets.”

The clock is actually a small model of a classic Parisian building and you probably saw lots of similar buildings if you’ve ever visited the City of Light. Designed as a four-story building, the City Clock shows time on the building’s windows. The windows are designed as a four-by-four grid in which each window shows one digit, and each floor corresponds to one binary number.

So, when a window on a first floor lights up it equals 1, the second floor equals 2, third 4 and the fourth equals 8. By combining different windows the City Clock shows time. You can see the picture below for a graphic explanation.

The Binary City Clock

The City Clock is an imaginative take on binary clock formula and is probably one of the best-looking binary clocks out there. The team behind the project is based in France calling themselves La Fabrique DIY, and they chose a classic Parisian building to be their first example of their project. Fortunately, if you don’t like the looks of the City Clock, the team plans to make more clocks that will sport the style of classic buildings from other cities, as well as some popular monuments (please make one that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, that would be more than awesome).

The City Clock is a perfect decoration piece. You can bet that every time someone enters your home for the first time, they will ask you “oh, what’s that beautiful house over there,” and you will be like “no, that’s not a house, it’s actually a clock. Here, let me explain it how it works.” Bam!, you got an interesting conversation on your hands.

The Binary City Clock

Not only that, but the City Clock will look nice in almost every home, no matter if your interior designer is a 60’s fanatic or if they really like the postmodern design of the 21st century, the City Clock will perfectly fit with all house designs. Just look at that tiny house, it’s so cute. And the clock can also help your children learn how to calculate, on top of looking great in every room.

The City Clock is currently featured on Kickstarter and the project already passed its funding goal, and with only 19 days to go (as of this writing), you have plenty of time to decide whether you want a tiny, super cute, Parisian building that acts as a binary clock in your house or not. For $100 you’ll get a USB cable, the electronics kit, and instructions on how to build one. And the team behind the project assures that “No soldering needed!”

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