The ClickPack Pro Will Keep Your Stuff Safe, But That’s Only The Beginning


If you want your stuff secured, want a stylish backpack, and want lots of advanced features to go with it check out the ClickPack Pro. It is an innovative anti-theft backpack that comes with lots of additional advantages.

First off, let’s just say that the pack looks excellent. Its urban design with sharp edges and clear rectangular looks quite attractive, and the combination of black and bright, ash gray is always the right choice.

The ClickPack comes with three-way Anti-theft protection. First off, there’s a zipper lock preventing a random thief from opening your pack. Then you have a retractable metal wire lock for locking the pack around any solid object, and finally, the pack features YKK double layer zipper that is explosion proof (yes, it actually says the zipper can live through explosions). But that’s just a start; there are lots more cool features to be found.

For instance, you get a RFID magnetic strip for keeping your digital data and credit cards safe from tech savvy criminals. Then there’s a built-in power bank for keeping your mobile devices charged while on the move. The pack is made out of cut resistant fabric, and it is also splash resistant and comes with a rain cover for heavy rain.

You also have intelligently designed internal compartments with lots sleeves, pockets for a laptop and tablet, small bags for storing headphones and other small gadgets as well as a couple of sleeves placed on the back and shoulder straps. The ClickPack Pro is an almost omnipotent backpack with just one major flaw. It could have bigger internal space. You can pre-order one on IndieGoGo for $129, and the pack should start shipping during September 2017.

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$129 USD

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