Help Your Wrists With The Delux Vertical Mouse


While most of us use computer mouse daily, for work and for gaming purposes, few of us know what they can do to our wrists. Since the computer mouse is made in such a way that ask from us to keep our hands in a straight line to the surface of a desk, it can make our wrists painful, and after many years of constant usage, using a classic mouse can lead to chroming wrist pain, even to chronic wrist inflammation. In worst cases, using a mouse can lead to tendonitis, which is the inflammation of a tendon. The disease is similar to Tennis elbow or jumper’s knee and can be really painful. Since most of us have to use a mouse on a daily basis, the only way of preventing wrist pain is either limiting your time with the mouse while performing regular exercises that can help with the pain. But now, one company designed a new kind of mouse that supports natural hand position, riding off the constant wrist pain. Meet the Delux Vertical Mouse, a computer mouse for people who don’t want to feel the constant pain in their wrists while using a computer mouse.

The Delux Vertical Mouse is designed as a vertical mouse, similar to classic joysticks where a user would place their hand on the basis of the joystick, with buttons placed on the sides. Instead of keeping our hand parallel to the surface of the desk, with the Delux Vertical Mouse our hand doesn’t have to be placed in an unusual way, preventing damage to our wrists.

The Delux Vertical Mouse looks like a child of a mouse and joystick. It features buttons on its sides that look unusually placed but are instead very easy to use. The mouse features LED lighting along with a wide hand rest placed on the bottom so your hand doesn’t get tired from a constant use of the mouse.

This way, you will be able to move the mouse easier than you can move a classic mouse, while at the same time having all regular keys features on other computer mice.

As for the specs, the Delux Vertical Mouse features 4000 DPI sensor that is more than enough even for fast FPS games where every millisecond counts and where a millimeter can mean a difference between a headshot and a miss. The Delux Vertical Mouse comes in two flavors – the wired version is made for games, with its higher DPI sensor, and rainbow-like RGP LED lighting, while the wireless version is targeted towards professionals who want a vertical mouse but don’t care about the lighting. The wireless version also features a less precise mouse sensor (just 2400 DPI compared to the wired version’s 4000 DPI sensor), but its accuracy is enough for doing work on your computer.

There are five buttons in total – you have your left and right buttons, along with two extra ones (that can be mapped in games and used and back in forward while browsing the web) and one button for DPI changing (gamers will appreciate this). The mouse can be pre-ordered on IndieGoGo market for $56 (wired version) and $63 (wireless version).

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$56 USD

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