The Everlast Notebook is a Smart Reusable Notebook That Can Last You a Lifetime


To be honest, notebooks are boring. They’ve become a commodity that we buy, use until all pages are full and then we throw them in a trash bin and buy a new one. This isn’t perfect, especially for trees. Just imagine how many trees were chopped down and destroyed to make an endless number of classic notebooks we use on a daily basis. You alone are probably responsible for the disappearance of at least a couple of trunks that were used in making of all notebooks you have used during your life. Since we live in a world where everything becomes smart, one way or another, can a simple notebook become smart? Well, not in a usual way, by equipping it with a CPU and some cool digital features, but it can become smart in a way that when you buy one, you’ll use it for a lifetime. Meet the Everlast Notebook, a smart reusable notebook that looks cool and will be the last notebook you’ve bought, ever.

The company behind the Everlast Notebook already designed a notebook that can be erased just by putting it in a microwave, but this time they managed to make something even cooler. You see, the Everlast Notebook also features erasable pages, but the technology behind it is quite advanced.

Instead of paper made out of cellulose (wood, in other words), Rocketbook made a notebook with pages made out of a special synthetic polyester blend that looks and feels like paper. While writing on its pages you’ll feel like writing on any normal, paper page. But, once you use a moist paper towel, everything you wrote will magically disappear, like being washed by water (pun intended). The interesting thing is that you cannot wipe the writing with your fingers, or with a dry towel, or cloth. But, in order for the writing to be able to be erased, you must use Frixion pens, any other pen won’t allow you to erase the writing. But, since Frixion pens are available for purchase online, you will always be able to buy a new one.

Each page has seven symbols at its bottom. These seven symbols present different “buttons” that can be used with a free mobile app. You assign each symbol to a different cloud service you use (for instance, notes to Evernote, work-related notes to a shared folder in Dropbox) and once you scan them with the app, the notes will automatically be transferred to assigned cloud service. The app supports Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Slack or your email address at the moment with more services to be added soon.

With the Everlast Notebook, you will get an awesomely designed notebook that’s smart, erasable, reusable, and eco-friendly. You don’t have to use classic notebooks anymore, just get one of these and you are set for a lifetime. The notebook can be bought online for $34 in two sizes: letter and executive. With each notebook you will receive one Pilot Frixion pen so you can start taking erasable notes immediately.

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$34 USD

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