The Everlast Notebook has Reusable Pages and Smart Ink Pen


Rocketbook is a company which produces various notebooks for daily usage. It is known for various reusable notebooks and office items. Recently, the brand introduced the Everlast notebook, which blew out the Kickstarter.

Paper notebooks with smart capabilities are becoming very popular nowadays. The Everlast notebook is a new entrant to this niche. This notebook is truly reusable, and smart. You can doodle out all pages, and then clean up with a wet towel, and then use the notebook all over again, as if it is a new one.

The Everlast Notebook

You might be thinking that this notebook is a kind of a replacement of a whiteboard. However, it’s not the case. The notebook does not differ from any other notebook you can find at Staples. The only difference is the use of paper. Instead of using regular paper, the Rocketbook used the optimal synthetic polyester blend to create pages that are erasable. The only takeaway is that, you have to use any pen with Pilot Frixion line.

The Everlast Notebook

What’s even more exciting about the notebook, is that, you can easily scan your pages with a special Rocketbook app. You just need to take a photo of your pages, and the app recognizes all your doodles and sends your stuff to dropbox or your email.

The Everlast Notebook


You can preorder the everlast notebook from Kickstarter for a minimum of $34. Expected shipment date is April 2017.

$34 USD

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