The Leather Duffle Backpack Is A Modular Backpack System Made Out Of The Most Luxurious Leather


Most of us have to use a few different backpacks in order to always have the right one depending on circumstances. An everyday pack should be light, but it has to have enough space for a laptop, tablet, a few notepads, and other stuff we need for our work. When going away for the weekend, there’s the regular backpack with room for clothes and accessories. And for longer trips, duffel bags are still unmatched. They provide lots of space for clothes, but the downside is that we need a small backpack for accessories, laptop, and a tablet. Could we have all of that merged in one bag? Yes, we can, with the Leather Duffle Backpack, a modular backpack system consisting out of multiple packs that can be merged together with zippers.

The Leather Duffle Backpack is a unique take on a modern backpack. The basic component is a daily pack large enough to house all of the stuff we carry with us on a daily basis. It is the best daily commute pack around featuring three sleeves (one for your laptop, one for documents, and one for a tablet), places for pens, a double hook, and a special hard drive sleeve that will protect your external drive. The daily pack has some nice bonuses. It can be carried like a briefcase with its side handle, and it lighter and thinner than most other daily packs.

All packs from the collection are made from genuine Italian leather, and they all look like coming down from New York’s fashion week. Stylish, light, well-made, lightweight, and fashionable they feature comfortable straps that can be attached and released quickly. Once you decide to go away for the weekend, you can simply attach another bag with a simple Quick Zip connection. Just zip it to the daily pack and you’re set!

You can choose between the Overnight and the Weekender. The Overnight is a large backpack with room for a pair of shoes, a couple of clothing pieces, and some other stuff, and the Weekender is a duffle bag that can also be zipped to the original daily pack so you don’t have to carry it around in your hands. It has plenty of space and can also be used separately from other bags. The Leather Duffle Backpack modular set is cool because, when needed, you can attach the Overnight to the daily pack, and carry the Weekender in your hands so you have the most space while still don’t feel like carrying a full closet with you.

The system also features a small travel pouch perfect for a phone, glasses, passport, and other trinkets. The last part of the collection is the Mini Backpack, a cute companion for day trips and excursions large enough for a water bottle, some food, glasses, phone, tablet, wallet, and passport.

With the Leather Duffle Backpack, you’ll be set for any kind of trip, and you’ll also have a simple, but cool-looking a light daily pack made from the top-quality leather. The backpack system can be yours for $525 (The daily pack, Overnight, and the Weekender), but you can also pick different sets. The Mini Backpack is sold separately for $145.

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$525 USD

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