The Lycan Powerbox Is An Eco Power Generator Producing Electricity Out Of Sun Rays


Portable power generators are ideal for any kind of outdoor party or camping trips, but they aren’t really eco-friendly. Why would you escape into the wild only to be suffocated by generators working on gasoline? The Lycan Powerbox solves that problem by providing clean electricity made from solar power.

The generator looks sturdy and rugged. It sports futuristic design with a combination of onyx black body and bright cyan lines and will surely make an impression on others. The Lycan Powerbox weighs in at 55lbs and can fit into any car trunk. It is also equipped with a retractable handle along with two wheels for moving it around without much effort once you take it out of the trunk.

The unit provides up to 300 watts of power, and its battery is charged via solar energy. You can also charge it via a standard wall outlet and 12V auto socket so it can be used as soon as you arrive at your destination. There are 3 x 110V AC outputs, 2 x 12V DC outputs, one 1A USB and three 2.4A USB port outputs capable of powering any device running on electricity (as long as they use less than 1200W of power). With the Lycan Powerbox, you will be able to power any device you bring with yourself in the wild, and the device can be used for powering household devices during emergencies and power outages.

The battery (a custom lithium iron phosphate unit) allows up to 2000 charge cycles, and there are custom solar panels for fast charging the generator. This eco-friendly power generator can be bought on Amazon for $1,799.

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$1,799 USD

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