The MotherBox Is The World’s First True Wireless Charger – You Finally Can Use Your Phone While Charging It Without Any Cables


Did you know that Nikola Tesla managed to transfer electricity wirelessly without any major losses back in the 19th century? He never managed to make any commercial success with his invention, but his findings play a major role in modern wireless power systems. Modern engineers are still trying to recreate his discoveries but without much success. The most commercially successful technology we have today is wireless charging that isn’t really wireless. It’s cool to put your phone on a charging pad and see how battery fills up without cables involved, but in reality, this isn’t true wireless charging method. Your phone has to be placed on the charging pad and you can’t use the device while it’s charging, making the technology nothing short of a gimmick. But with the MotherBox, you will be able to fulfill a smartphone fanatic’s dream of using the smartphone and wirelessly charging it at the same time.

Yes, this is indeed true, The MotherBox is capable of charging your phone while you sit on a sofa and play the latest hit video game, or watching a new Game of Thrones episode. The system can work up to about half a meter (20 inches) and while the charging power weakens with distance, it can still charge your phone as fast as with cable while you are half a meter away from the charger.

All you have to do is to plug the receiver (an accessory needed for wireless charging via the MotherBox) into your phone’s power port, and it will be ready to receive electricity through the air. The only big problem is that you need to encase the phone in order to use the charger because the receiver is large in size but extremely thin. If you own the iPhone 7/7 Plus you can finally listen to the music with wired earphones and charge your phone, something you cannot achieve with regular (or even wireless) chargers.

The MotherBox looks like it came for Star Trek like it is some sort of device used by Borgs. This is due to its unique spherical design and dark colors used. The device comes in two sizes – the MB mini can charge your device from up to 10 inches, making it great to use on work. Just put it on your desk and don’t worry about your phone’s battery dying when you least expect it ever again. The regular MotherBox works across distances up to half a meter, meaning you can cover multiple rooms with one device. The MotherBox Mini also features a 7,000mAh battery in it, meaning you can carry it with you and charge your device wirelessly on the go, something truly unique and amazing.

The device can work through walls, is able to charge multiple devices simultaneously and is compatible both with Android and iOS smartphones. All you have to do is to plug the receiver and you’re set up. You can buy the whole package (regular and mini version along with one receiver) for $169. If you want just one version, the large one costs $89, while the Mini can be yours for $99. An extra receiver sells for $12 apiece.

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