The NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack Offer Attractive Design Along With Lots Of Storage Capacity


New models of backpacks and travel packs are getting released each day, and it is getting harder and harder to pick the right one. Most of us want to have a functional backpack capable of housing all of our stuff we use on a daily basis, while at the same time featuring nice design and some extra functions. If you look for an attractive backpack featuring lots of space and some nice bonus features, check out the new NOMATIC backpack and travel pack combo.

NOMATIC specializes in innovative gear for a modern man. The company already made a cool-looking bag, that managed to raise over $3 million on crowdfunding sites, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Their other two products are a minimalist wallet and a powerful notebook & planner, both featuring excellent design along with lots of functions.

Their latest product line includes a travel pack made for short weekend trips and a daily backpack that can serve as your day pack. The NOMATIC backpack features lots of compartments that can house a laptop, tablet, notepad, and many more items. The backpack includes 3 interchangeable Velcro panels allowing the user to decide what they will carry inside the pack.

The tech pocket is great for carrying a laptop along with the charger, wireless mouse and keyboard, and power cables. The paper organizer is great for carrying various notepads along with a tablet. If you want to take a short trip, just insert the shoe and clothes pocket and the backpack will be able to house a pair of shoes along with a couple of pieces of clothing. The base capacity is 20 liters, but it can be increased to 24 liters, in case you need extra storage space.

On the other side, we have the NOMATIC travel pack, featuring a base capacity of 20 liters capable expanding to 30 liters. The travel pack can store lots of clothing and a pair of shoes. Further, the travel pack also features two specialized compartments. The shoe/clothes compartment makes storing clothes and shoes extremely easy, and the laptop and tablet compartment can house a 15-inch laptop along with a tablet. A mesh wall for dividing items helps in keeping your stuff organized. If you want to pack even more stuff, there’s a compression packing cube included with each travel pack featuring two compartments, one for clean clothes and one for dirty clothes. The cube is made out of Rip-Stop Nylon and it is rugged and durable.

Both the NOMATIC backpack and travel pack feature innovative strap system allowing for straps to be tucked inside, a magnetic water bottle pocket, and a retractable key leash for keeping your keys safe at all times. Also, the two packs offer easy access pockets, cord pass-throughs that connect all compartments, and access from all sides (top flat access, lay flat access, and a side access).

You can buy the NOMATIC backpack and travel pack on IndieGoGo. The backpack can be yours for $179, while the bigger travel pack comes with a price of $189.

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$179 USD

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