ITR One Backpack is Advanced Modular Bag for All Occasions


ITR Studio is an innovative design company created in Hong Kong. After the several years of hard work, the studio has come up with an innovative modular approach to how we wear the bags and backpacks. The company gathered twice as many funds at the time of writing at Kickstarter.

I own several bags and backpacks for several functions. I have separate backpacks for traveling, storing the photography gear and a separate one for work. The One Backpack intends to replace them all. As a result, you will have one backpack, which you could optimize for various occasions.

Optimizing your backpack is easy. It can be configured in five modules using various straps and adjustments.

You can use the backpack as:

1) Camera bag

2) Sports bag

3) Sling bag

4) Suit Carry bag

5) Pouch

Adjusting your bag for several occasions seems nice but, it doesn’t seem easy. If you, like me thought for a moment that you don’t want to put too much time on figuring out how backpack works, the one backpack has illustrated how easy it is to change the modules.

Basically, all modules use the Fidlock system – a magnetic hardware which attaches necessary modules to the main compartment easily.

The best part is that you don’t need to buy all five modules. For example, if you are not a photographer and don’t need a photography module, you may not buy it and buy whatever module you use frequently instead.


The modular components can be used together or even individually depending on your needs. Examples of some other great features backers will love are the double layer waterproof fabric, padded laptop pocket, and smart weight management design.

Once you are going to use one backpack for multiple functions, it has to be durable. As for the materials used, the backpack features double layer waterproof nylon, leather, Hypalon trimming, Duraflex trimming and YKK zippers. The company pledges that the accessory was made with high attention to details.

The early bird price for the One Backpack is $139 USD, a Photographer Combo starting at $209, and more. Backers can also pledge $53 for a Sling Module, $53 for a Camera Module, $74 for a Sport Module, or $85 for a Suit Carry Module.

Check the Kickstarter page here for more information regarding the backpack and its features.

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$587 USD

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