The Paq Carry On Travel Bag Can Transform Into A Backpack Or A Duffel Bag In Just A Couple Of Seconds


Most of us need multiple bags; one for work, one for camping, another one for travel, and if you’re into exercising you’ll need at least another one, for going to a gym. That’s a lot of bags and a lot of purchases. Instead of using half a dozen of bags for different needs, could we have just one capable of covering most usage scenarios? Fortunately, there’s one. It called the Paq, and it is a real transformer. The bag can be used for weekend trips, you can carry it as your daily pack, and when the need comes, take it with you on a backpacking adventure or use it as a duffel bag.

The main feature that makes the Paq different is a unique system of rotating buckles. They can rotate and can be attached one to another, completely changing the Paq in just a few seconds. When you’re home from work, just take your stuff out, clinch buckles together and you have a duffel bag for the gym.

Aside from transforming it, rotating shoulder straps –  also detachable – can increase comfort by perfectly adjusting to every person’s shoulders and allow for a perfect comfort when wearing it because there’s no sawn connection between the bag and the straps. Aside from really awesome rotating buckles the Paq packs lots of others interesting features.

You can find two leather handles at the top as well as at the side, allowing the Paq to be used as a travel bag. Two removable straps (sternum and waist straps) can transform the bag for an everyday carry pack into a proper backpack with a solid capacity of 40 liters. You can attach additional straps on the front to hold additional gear, like a water bottle, a GPS unit, or a flashlight.

The bag itself is made out of durable, waterproof materials, and the zippers are self-sealing keeping water outside. Each zipper pull is coated in red so you can find it in an instant, and on the back, you’ll find EVA back padding for increased comfort while wearing it on the back.

There’s also a laptop sleeve capable of holding all regular sized laptops. The feature list isn’t over yet, just so you know. The Paq is equipped with hidden compression straps placed inside so you can reduce its size when used as a daily pack, or secure your clothes when using it as a travel bag.

Talking about design, the bag looks modern and the combination of black and gray along with red zipper pools makes the Paq quite appealing when looked at. It’s not too big and can fit into a maximum carry on size on almost any flight, so you don’t have to check. Overall, the Paq is a unique transforming bag that can play a role of almost any bag type. It is big, durable, versatile, made out of premium materials, and it comes with a plethora of handy features.

The Paq can be yours for just $178 and for the price you’ll get not one but three different bags (the package includes one Paq Carry on Travel bag, On Laundry and Day bag, and one Shoe bag)! You can pre-order the bag on IndieGoGo, with shipping starting during December 2017. Check out the video below for a full list of features.

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$178 USD

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