AOC And Porsche Joined Forces And Designed Two Cable-Free PC Monitors – the PDS241 and PDS271


PC monitors are getting slimmer and slimmer, while at the same time trying to make bezels as thin as possible. Aside from the ultra-wide design movement, making monitors as wide as possible in order to bring better user experience for gamers and professionals who want to have the best possible experience, making PC monitors bezel-less is the second most wanted feature with new monitor models. Since mobile phones are getting rid of bezels, users want for their PC monitors to also feature near-invisible bezels. We have seen lots of new models featuring extremely thin bezels, and now AOC and Studio F.A Porsche tried to make a monitor that will not only feature thin bezels but also offer a cable-free design. The joined effort resulted in a new monitor line consisting out of two models – the PDS241 and PDS271.

The two models are pretty similar, the first one featuring a 24-inch display, while the second one comes with a larger, 27-inch screen. The PDS241 and PDS 271 sport slim design, with the screen covering most of the front, with only bottom bezel being visible. Both monitors feature a 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution, but their main selling point is their unique design.

Aside from thin bezels, Porsche and AOC tried to make a PC monitor that won’t feature cables on its back. While the design is getting thinner and thinner, with screens taking more and more space, while bezels are slowly becoming invisible, all monitors have to be connected to a PC via cables, making even the most attractive and advanced monitors the same when it comes to cables. All of them have visible cables hanging from the back, making the general image less attractive.

Now, the two companies didn’t equip the two monitors with a wireless connectivity, the just made some smart design choices, placing the video and power ports inside a hub that can be placed away from a monitor, so that you can place it on your table and not see any cable behind it. The hub is connected with the rest of the monitor with a cable, reaching out the monitor stand made out of metal. This doesn’t make the PDS241 and PDS271 genuinely cable-free, but it makes them look like they don’t need cables, and it looks pretty cool.

As AOC and Porsche stated in a press release, the “The design philosophy behind these monitors was inspired by the principals of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche: His approach was “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” In its purest sense, a monitor is just a screen. But the screen is meant to provide a beautiful visual experience, and that experience is often marred by unsightly cables hanging down from the monitor’s ports.”

And that’s exactly what the two monitors offer – a beautiful visual experience, with just a screen visible, and with the port hub being tucked away, hidden from the rest of the monitor. You can get the PDS241 and PDS271 on Amazon. The 24-inch model costs $199 while the bigger version sports a $249 price tag.

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$199 USD

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