The Porta Rista Is The Ultimate Coffee Making System


Most of us live on coffee, we drink it daily and while at times any kind of coffee will suffice, most of the times we want to sip a quality coffee perfect for our taste. This is especially true in the morning because that first-morning coffee is one of the most intimate pleasures we can have, especially if we make it. While most coffee lovers are satisfied with the unlimited choice at Starbucks, there are those wanting a special coffee made just for them. This is where the Porta Rista steps in, allowing you to make that perfect cup of coffee every time, at any place.

The Porta Rista

The Porta Rista is a modular coffee-making system made out of lots of different parts, for making different types of coffee. If you believe espresso is the ultimate way of making coffee, you can make your own cup of a perfect espresso. But, there’s more. With Porta Rista’s various modules you can drip a pour-over coffee, or slowly brew a long black. There’s a grinder so you can use fresh coffee beans from your favorite coffee shop that no one else knows about.

Since the Porta Rista relies on various modules, the system is completely portable, and it doesn’t require electricity to work. All of the work is done by you; you grind the beans, you decide which coffee to drink, and you make it happen. The system can grind fresh beans in whichever size you want, and after that, you can brew coffee or seal it in an airtight container for later.

The Porta Rista

The project is starting with three modules – Module X (The Espresso), Module Z (Grinder/Dripper) and Module Y (The Coffee Press). The company behind the project assures that more modules are currently in development and that they will be ready by the time the Porta Rista begins shipping.

Each module weighs less than 500g, and each one can fit into a pocket. In order to carry the whole system with you all, you have to do is get a small backpack, and then you can finally experience sipping a cup of perfect, tailor-made coffee at the park while the sun rises. There’s no better way to enjoy the morning that this.

Module X features variable valve, so you can fine-tune the intensity of the espresso, each time. Experiment a bit and find out your perfect spot. Further, the module X is compatible with lots of coffee pods available on the market, so if you already found a perfect taste, you can brew it with the Porta Rista. Also, each module comes with a double espresso cup so you don’t have to carry one with you!

The Porta Rista

You can pre-order one on Kickstarter; the basic pack comes with one module. Module Y and module Z cost $65, while the module X (espresso) costs $76. If you want all three modules along with the core for storing the coffee, you have to pay $165.

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$65 USD

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