Drink Zero Sugar Flavored Water With The Right Cup


Drinking water is kind of boring these days, right? At times when we literally have a choice between thousands upon thousands of sweet beverages, water can feel like drinking air. And who would want for their drinks to not taste at all when they can just pour a glass of literally any juice. Of course, this leads to us taking way more sugar than needed and recommended, which could result in many health problems. But with the right cup, you’ll always have a healthy dose of water that tastes nice and sweet but won’t make you a sugar addict.

The Right Cup is a simple cup made out of scented plastic that flavors your everyday water with fresh aromas. There are six different scents to choose from – Apple, Cola, Orange, Mixed Berry, Peach Juice, and Grape. So no matter which fruit or juice you love the most you will be able to find a perfect taste.

The cup works by releasing the aroma in the water and a sweet juicy scent in the air, allowing your nose to inhale the scent, making you feel like drinking a real juice. An innovative way to make water a favorite drink again. There are other, similar products out there, but The Right Cup offers a simple solution, without the need for buying aroma refills.

It’s pretty affordable, so all you have to do once the aroma disappears is purchase a new one, with the scent lasting for months. You can get The Right Cup on Amazon for $40, and if you hurry, you can get it for $30 since it is on discount at the moment.

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$40 USD

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