The Shift Pack is a Versatile and Modular Backpack for all Your Gadgets and Tech


Consumers can choose between thousands of backpacks, each having its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are meant to be used while trailing through outdoors, others are perfect trip companions. We have backpacks that can house a professional camera and a drone, and other camera backpacks with room for lots of different camera accessories. Some are made in order to be versatile, to allow us to carry them on long trips, weekend trips, or short, one-day adventures. And there are, of course, day packs designed in order to house out laptops, tablet, and other stuff needed for work. And finally, a small Australian-based startup called Alpaka, offers us the Shift Pack, a backpack designed to be a versatile, multi-purpose modular backpack.

The Shift Pack can be used for weekend trips, as a daily pack, as a gym bag, and as an excellent everyday tech bag. In other words, the Shift Pack is one bag that can serve a multitude of purposes, the choice is on you. The secret to its versatility is in the bag’s padded compartment placed on the bottom of the bag. It is a truly agile part of the Shift Pack that can house a full-sized DSLR camera or a small drone such as DJI Mavic. The compartment is shock-resistant so you don’t have to worry about what would happen if you accidentally drop the bag.

The inside of the Shift Pack is pretty Spartan, to be honest, but that’s because the bag comes with different storage systems that can be easily fitted inside the bag. For instance, the camera kit system has four compartments big enough for two cameras and a couple of lenses. If you are a professional photographer you can pack your camera and still have a place for a drone in the bottom-placed padded compartment. But that’s not all. The Shift Pack features a tripod strap that is removable and can secure a tripod with a magnetic connection.

You can easily expand the storage space from 20 L to 35 L just by pulling out the bag’s roll-top compartment. This way you can transform the bag from a camera bag to a full-fledged travel bag. The Shift Pack features a main compartment that’s divided into two sections. You can use one for clothing items, and the other for your tablet and other tech accessories. Or just put clean clothes in one compartment and dirty laundry into another. The bag’s main compartment can be accessed from all sides in order to give user supreme ease of access.

The bag is made out of ballistic nylon fabric and when in tech mode it can house up to six full-sized laptops. There are handy straps placed on sides to carry headphones, keys, or a water bottle, and the pack also features lockable zippers for increased security.

The Shift Pack is made for travel with its comfortable straps, and design that keeps the bag tight against your back to reduce fatigue and back pain. There are hidden pockets for passports and other important items, and the bag can house a full 17-inch laptop in its laptop sleeve when in travel mode. The Shift Pack can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for $179.

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$179 USD

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