The Smart Belt Is An Indestructible Belt Made Out Of Luxurious Leather, And Kevlar


When we want to buy a belt, one of the most important features is design. Another very important feature is belt’s durability. You see, belts should last long, they should be tough, rugged, and durable while at the same time being classy and stylish. And that’s where most of the belts fail, they just can’t have all of the features. They are either very rugged, but not exactly fashionable. On the other side, most fashion belts aren’t really rugged. In the end, you can’t wear the same belt while going out and while working, or adventuring. Well, with the Smart Belt Kevlar all troubles are gone. The belt looks fantastic while at the same time providing an extremely high level of durability.

The belt is made out of the best Top Grain Italian Leather, made by one of the biggest tanneries in Italy. All leather is made to custom specifications, and it is as beautiful as it is durable. There are two color choices along with four buckle finishes: Silver, Black, Gold, and Patina. Buckles look cool, they sport a simple, timeless design perfect for any occasion. You can wear the Smart Belt on your friend’s wedding along with your new suit, but this belt can also be worn while working in the fields, or while trailing through mountains. It is as durable as it is fashionable.

But, the secret ingredient of the Smart Belt is Kevlar, which is weaved into the belt’s core. Because of this, the Smart Belt is much less prone to wear and tear than other belts. During stress tests, the belt has proven to be 13 times stronger than the weakest belt tested and 5 times stronger than the most rugged reinforced belt, which means that once you buy it, it will stay with you for years and years.

The Smart Belt ditched the old 5 hole system in favor of the Automatic Track System, a new system invented by the makers of the belt (Holt Evans & Radu Zarnescu). The Automatic Track System has 1/5″ ( 5 mm ) increments instead of the old 1″ ( 2.5 cm ) increments found in the 5 hole system. This innovation means that you can adjust the belt perfectly after you had a hefty lunch, and go back to the original size once your waist gets back to normal. This new belt system allows for a perfect comfort throughout the day because you can adjust the belt for waist size modifications that occur naturally throughout the day.

The Smart Belt features a DIY perfect fit adjustment. Once you receive the belt you can adjust it in order to fit perfectly to your waist. That way you won’t have to wear too short or too long belt ends. Just measure your waist, cut the belt, and attach the buckle.

The Smart Belt is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for just $59 if you are fast enough (limited early bird price), or for $75 (the regular price). The campaign ends in 36 days and the project already managed to pass its goal by more than $370,000.

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$59 USD

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    PS: This profiled company did NOT invent the automatic track belt and neither did we. Track belts have been around for decades.

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