The Smeg 500 is a Working Refrigerator Looking Like The Front of a Fiat 500


These days, almost every appliance, every piece of clothing, every gadget, and every piece of furniture is made in order to look unique, to pique your interest and to be spotted the moment you look at them. This is true for most, except for fridges. Fridges are here in order to make out food and beverages cold, and not much else. Following their sole purpose comes the design that, in most cases, makes the reminiscent of giant monoliths that stand in our kitchen. Well, if you want to own a fridge that’s not only unique but also immensely cool look no further than the Smeg 500.

The fridge was made in 2013 and was, until recently, only available in Europe. But the manufacturer announced it’s coming to the US later this summer. And it is one of a kind fridge that will start thousands of conversations and that is made out of genuine Fiat 500 parts, and that’s not a coincidence. Smeg chose Fiat 500 as the base for the Smeg 500 because the tiny car is one of the icons of the automobile industry.

The Fiat 500’s arrival meant that every family can afford a car with four seats that included solid build quality, humble power, and cute design that every family could buy. It is loved by us Europeans and considered one of the most popular models Fiat ever released.

And Smeg, which is also based in Italy, decided to use the Fiat 500 for its latest model of premium retro appliance. The Smeg 500 is just one model from the retro series consisting out of fridges, toasters, dishwashers, mixers, and blenders.

The fridge is made out of genuine Fiat parts, for if you buy one and happen to own a Fiat 500, you could take some parts for fixing the car. You never know, right? Below the hood, you won’t find an engine but a cellar-style fridge with a capacity of about 3.5-cubic feet or 100 liters. Inside you can store your favorite Italian specialties, or make room for classic beverages (the Smeg 500 has three removable bottle holders along with a shelf for storing canned drinks) or food, it’s up to you. The fridge itself meets the “A-plus” energy rating and it features two sliding doors made with low emission glass under the hood.

Further, the Smeg 500 has a thermostat that’s fully adjustable and features automatic defrost. The “A-plus” energy rating means the fridge spends around 115-kilowatt hours per year with minimal power at 70 watts. This cool-looking fridge (pun not intended) is available in five color choices –  green, white, red, yellow and blue. As for the price, it is priced at about $8,500 in Europe so expect a similar price one it comes into the US later this summer. If you happen to live in Europe, you can get one by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below.

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$8,500 USD

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