The Waterfall System By Outlier Could Transform The Way We Use Day Packs


Daypacks, backpacks, bags we use for daily commutes in which we keep laptops, tablets, smartphones, work-related stuff and various other items we use on a daily basis, are pretty straightforward. They all look similar, and although some designs are better than others, most everyday bags don’t offer lots of customization. What if you want to have enough space for a laptop today, and tomorrow you only need a small bag to put your smartphone and headphones? With the Waterfall system, a modular daily bag in the form of a sling bag, you get a huge dose of style along with lots of functionality.

The bag is made out of Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite capable of surviving a nuclear war. The Waterfall system doesn’t only offer immense durability, it also looks amazing. It is a minimalistic modular bag system, looking like some high-tech bag from Watchdogs.

It comes with a Molly Carry Strap, the basics of the system, along with three ultrahigh flat packs. In other words, with three pockets, each in a different size. The smallest can take a smartphone, wallet, sunglasses, and a couple of more items. The biggest pocket is enough for a 13-inch MacBook Air, a Dell XPS 13, or some 11-inch laptop. You can attach a pocket with Molly Hooks, and there are six in total, enough for three pockets.

Overall, the Waterfall system is a unique take on a daily bag. It looks really cool, it is highly convenient, and extremely light (305 with a strap and all three pockets attached). If you want a new daily bag, but want one that can be completely transformed based on your day-to-day needs, do check out this one. It can be bought from Outlier’s website for $425.

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$425 USD

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