The WG Grill Is A Perfect Portable Grill That Takes Less Space Than Most Water Bottles


Firing up barbecue is one of the best things you can do while in the wilds. There’s nothing better than enjoying in freshly made steaks that taste like heaven. But, most grills, even portable ones do take lots of space, especially if you plan on reaching your destination by foot instead of by car. When you want to take a grill with you, you must make room for it, and that usually means taking fewer supplies or equipment that could prove more valuable. Well, we have a solution for all those nature lovers that can’t live without BBQ. With the WG Grill, you can make a perfect barbecue in the wild without having to worry about having enough space for carrying the grill with you.

The WG Grill takes as little space as possible. When rolled, the grill takes less space than most water bottles and weighs the same as four bananas. That’s the definition of portable. It is also incredibly easy to set up. Just pull apart the frame, unroll the cooking surface and lock everything in place. That’s it, now you ready for some tasty steaks and burgers.

The WG Grill is made out of stainless steel, and nothing but stainless steel. Each component is made out of steel so you can rest assured the grill will stay alive and survive tough times in the wild. You can pre-order one on IndieGoGo for $89 with shipping starting sometime during November 2017.

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$89 USD

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