Thinknoo is an Interesting Coffee Supplement That Intends to Enhance Its Benefits


Do not confuse with ThinkNoodles – an online game

Thinknoo is an interesting coffee additive that intends to strengthen the morning drink’s benefits and lower its side effects. With over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day, the Thinknoo coffee enhancing supplements intends to reduce the plastic madness by granting one disposable cup of coffee if you buy its products.

According to Reuters, a study commissioned by the National Coffee Association surveyed 3,000 Americans about their coffee drinking habits. The survey found that 64 percent of Americans drink a cup of coffee every day, up from 62 percent in 2017, and the highest percentage since 2012. Source: Food And Wine

Most heavy coffee drinkers agree that the number one negative side effect of having your favorite cup in the morning is the feeling of jitter that it causes. If you drink it in the evening, you have bad sleep problems. The startup offers two main products to combat those side effects: NooStart and NooReset.

The NooStart morning coffee supplement contains the following ingredients: L-theanine (found in green tea), curcumin(turmeric), Vitamin B6, CDP Choline(found in eggs), hordenine(found in barley sprouts), and theacrine (found in traditional Kucha tea).

Being a coffee lover myself, and primarily having the morning side effects of coffee, I explored what those ingredients were. I also looked at what happens if you mix those ingredients together and with caffeine. I took information from the authoritative medical sources that can be trusted. Here is what I’ve found:


According to, Theanine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) found in green tea.
It helps with treating anxiety and high blood pressure, for preventing Alzheimer’s disease, and for making cancer drugs more effective.

Research indicates that L-theanine promotes relaxation without drowsiness. Many people take L-theanine to help ease stress and unwind. However, despite the research, there is still insufficient evidence which proves the above statements are true. Early research suggests that taking theanine might make unstressed people feel more tranquil. However, theanine does not seem to have this effect when used by people who are anxious already.

It has been reported by various sources that theanine is safe to be consumed with caffeine. The early research suggests that taking theanine along with caffeine increases alertness and improves a person’s ability to switch attention between different tasks. It was also found that the combination of both helps to decrease the number of negative side effects in caffeine.


Turmeric is a spice that is commonly used throughout the world. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and perhaps even anticancer properties. According to, curcumin is possibly effective for fighting colitis, stomach ulcers, and high cholesterol. It might also help treat upset stomach, diabetes, depression, HIV, uveitis, and viral infections. However, more research is still needed to prove its efficiency in the above conditions.

There are no studies in which the interaction of curcumin and caffeine has been analyzed. However, it is commonly believed that the beneficial health effects of the curcumin are reduced when taken with coffee. It is also not known how curcumin interacts with other ingredients listed here.

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It is known that coffee consumption was associated with reduced circulating B-vitamin concentrations. The Vitamin B6 helps to regulate blood circulation, blood pressure and to prevent heart disease.

The combination of coffee and vitamin b6 seems to be safe when taken together.  However, caffeine has a mild diuretic effect, which increases urination. B-vitamins can be depleted as a result, when you take them together with caffeine. The only exception to the rule is Vitamin B12. Your favorite morning drinks help to the absorption of this vitamin.


Choline is an essential nutrient that helps keep the cells and nerves working normally. The choline is normally taken with food. When Caffeine and Choline are taken together, it possibly improves the short term visual and auditory memory.


Hordenine is a chemical naturally found in barley (Hordeum vulgare). It is believed to be effective in weight loss and muscle building. However, more research on its effects of hordenine is still needed. Hordenine has not been studied intensively on humans yet. It is not known how hordenine specifically interacts when taken with coffee.


Theacrine is a naturally occurring chemical that is similar to caffeine. It is found in different types of tea and coffee, as well as in the seeds of the Herrania and Theocrama plant species. Theacrine may be useful for mental and physical performance. It is believed to increase the energy levels and to improve cognitive performance.

When taken with coffee the effects of theacrine increase.

The components of NooReset contain sleep enhancing additives, and they were not analyzed in this article.

As you can see, the use of some ingredients as a stimulant to coffee can be completely justified, while the use of some others does not make sense. There were no questions about the safety of those ingredients, it seems to be safe when they are mixed together, though I believe it might provoke the allergies in some people.

What is remarkable is that it is reported that the company will donate $1 toward research supporting cognitive degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s. The ThinkNoo is also serious about plastic waste. You will get the NOOreuse disposable cups if you back the project now on

The estimated delivery of your supplement is January 2019. Just remember that you need to consult with your doctor when taking supplements like these. Be wise.

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