This Double Cutting Board Has Been Made in Collaboration the Chef Community


Founded in late 2009, Food 52 is a community that brings together all those who love cooking food around the world. It first started as a place to exchange the recipes and to share the food obsessions among the chefs. Today the company provides everything you need to know and do related to food: cookware, kitchen gadgets and more. This is the perfect example people who could turn their food obsession can turn into $6 million business.

What is nice to bring together the like-minded community is being able to listen to their feedback. The Food52 asked chefs around the world what they wanted most out of a cutting board. After 10,000 responses the new double-sided cutting board has been designed.

This cutting board does not offer something extraordinary or it is not backed with some”smart” AI technology. This simple product is made of maple, has some areas to grip water and to hold the smartphone. And yes, most importantly it is double sided – one side contains the juice grooves to hold and the other side is good for prepping vegetables.

Even if the cutting board has awesome looks and functions, the price of $99 for ordinary boards seems too optimistic for us. According to manufacturers, its expensiveness is justified because it is designed to last longer than a couple of months. However, chefs seem to love it. The company’s Facebook page already has a lot of comments from users, most of which wish that the product’s price would have been lower and the material would have been made from bamboo.

If you are wondering the high tech has already come to your kitchen cutting boards too. ChopSyc has put a tablet to your cutting board. The Ultimate Cutting Board has also a similar design, but it has more fancy holders of your kitchen utensils.
You can purchase the cutting board on Food 52’s website.
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