This Gadget Lets You Sleep on Airplanes in Upright Position


NapUp Fly is a gadget that allows you to sleep in an upright position in the airplanes. The gadget offers a combination of travel pillow, sleep mask and a couple of headphones. The NapUp Fly is an accessory which contains three elements. The head attachment with straps that can be attached to the back of the seat, the eye cover and the cover for your ears that is inside the head cover.

The front eye cover of the Napup Fly also has a sleep mask to block out the light. The sides have integrated sound system built in with a 0.35mm headphone jack which replaces the noise of the airplane with music. The Napup company launched four years ago with an idea for a car seat strap designed to keep kids’ heads up from hanging around after they fall asleep in the car. It is their first project on Kickstarter.

If you are wondering why the companies have got obsessed with sleeping in an upright position here is the clue. Boeing has patented the technology that would allow you to sleep upright earlier this year. Their solution is a little bit awkward because, in their system, you need to pul up the backpack and lean on the front support that holds your head. The Napup straps are the way to go if you want to avoid looking awkward.

Sleeping in an upright position is one of the safest sleep positions you take on the airplane. However, if you sleep sitting up and not leaning into anything for more than 5 hours, you may develop deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The specialists at American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggest reclining slightly, at an angle of at least 40 degrees, along with stretching the legs and shifting positions periodically. There has been some research which compared the cognitive performance of people who slept sitting up and lying down in different positions. The paper suggests that there is no significant difference between sleep positions in cognitive performance. The only bad sleeping position that can significantly affect the performance is lying down in the supine posture.

At the time of writing, you may purchase the Napup at Kickstarter for an early bird price of $35. If the project is successful and hits its $30,000 funding goal by November 30, early backers could get the Napup Fly for about $35 and the Napup Fly+ with headphones for $49. The company expects delivery around April 2019. You can view the project details here.

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