This solar-powered water purifiers can produce 30,000 gallons of water per day


We recently wrote an article about the winners of Clean Water X Prize competition. Today, we are seeing that more and more companies are offering solutions to tackle the problem of the water crisis.  Some of the projects do not have substantial commercial interest in R&D, but others do.

Meet Quench Water & Solar, a subsidiary of the company WorldWater & Solar Technologies Inc. Quench has been offering various solar powered filters to clean the water in 30 countries. Both of its products Mobile Max Clear and Mobile Max Pure purify the water obtained from the underground using solar-powered engines. Both products can easily be placed in the trailer and the installation takes several minutes.

These mobile purification systems filter water using a collection of filtration membranes, ranging from macroparticle filters to ultrafiltration filters. Macroparticle filters differ from ordinary filters with their ability to remove the production of metallic, compound and hard amorphous carbon from the water.  They can filter atomic-sized contaminants like salt and metal ions through the process called the reverse osmosis. Ultrafiltration (UF) is a membrane filtration removes suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins, and other pathogens to produce water with a complicated use of hydrostatic pressure and a semi-permeable membrane.

Currently, the company has opened new opportunities for entrepreneurs and communities around the world. The two models made by Quench the Mobile MaxPure and 900W Mobile MaxClear both of them are available for licensing. They can clean up to 30,000 and 10,000 gallons of fresh water per day respectively and they are both made of the 4KW array of solar panels.  Systems cost ranges from the US $30,000 to $150,000, depending on the water source and capacity expectations.

Upon licensing the business or the community becomes the owner of the machine. There are leasing and financing options available because not everybody can afford several thousand dollars of worth solar-powered unit. Once the owners own the machine they can decide where to pump water, how long it will work and how much to charge per gallon. If you are confused about US measuring units, Quenches largest solar-powered units produce an average of 113,500 liters per day for freshwater and about 11,400 liters per day with reverse osmosis filters. So the engine is really powerful and it can feed the whole village.

This business proposal and other existing business models tied around making the water more available suggest that soon the prices of water is likely to be increased. Welcome to the future.

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