Ti Pocket Pro – The First Auto Adjusting Pen


Ti Pocket Pro is a product of two energetic people -Chadwick Parker & Joe Huang. Funding the Big Idea Design company, they have been working in offering the best EDC tools to open up better options for people. Ti Pocket Pro is an accessory that plans to transform how pens work in general. The pen comes in two versions: longer one and a shorter one. Both pens have a length of 4 inches (4.11 and 4.65).

Ti Pocket Pro


The pen has an auto-adjusting mechanism, therefore it can accept over 80 types of refills ranging from ballpoint, gel, and rollerball refills. It happens as a result of patent pending an auto-adjusting collet at the front of the pen tip that minimizes any gaps and variances that cause the tip to wiggle. While you tighten the grip of a pen when configuring the refill, the clutch clamps down to fit it perfectly.

Auto-adjusting collet helps eliminate "tip-wiggle" on various refill diameters.

The best part? The pen is made of grade 5 titanium material, which is the most durable material that has a high corrosion and impact resistance. As a result, it ensures that you can use the pen for a lifetime. There is a pocket clip for ease of carrying around in your pocket.

You can preorder Ti Pocket Pro on Kickstarter for $65. The expected delivery date is August 2017.

$65 USD

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