Token Smart Ring Could Become Our Main Way To Access Online Accounts, Unlock Doors And Much More


Right now, each of us carries lots of credit cards, keys, and we all have to manually enter passwords when accessing different online accounts. Many of us wear access cards for our job, and many sites have two-factor authentication process during which you have to enter the key received to a phone or answer a security question you forgot about a week before. With the Token smart ring, all of this could be done with just two simple knocks.

Token smart ring is made by Token (yes, the ring and the company share their name), which was founded in 2016 with a single goal of making our life much easier. Unlike most other smart rings, Token won’t track your calories intake and measure your steps. Instead, with the token smart ring, you will be able to store all of your passwords, your credit card info inside it. Also, since the ring features a fingerprint sensor, it could replace your keys. We could all soon unlock our doors using this ring.

The ring, aside from the fingerprint sensor, features Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, and an optical sensor. In order to activate it, place your finger’s print on the optical sensor, put the ring on the finger, and that’s it. Once you put the ring on, the optical sensor detects while you’re wearing it, and as soon as you take it off, the ring will shut down, preventing someone else to use your credentials.

Token smart ring comes with these main features:

It can store your passwords

Token can save all the passwords you use for websites, online services, or electronic devices. It does so via a companion app installed on your mobile phone. Just enter all of the passwords you want and you are set. When you want to access a site or a device (like your locked laptop) simply knock twice on a hard surface and the ring will automatically log you in. The Web Authentication Application Programming Interface (API) will be supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple’s Safari, enabling you to access your Gmail, Facebook, or some other account from these three browsers.

It can replace your keys and access cards

Token smart ring comes with NFC connection, and not without reason. The company behind it is bringing a smart lock called Token Lock, giving you a way to unlock your house without a key. Also, a simple car plug can be connected with your car’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), allowing you to unlock the car automatically once near it. The ring is also HID SEOS-enabled meaning that the ring is capable of replacing your access card.

It can make payments and access more than 50 transit systems worldwide

Token made a deal with MasterCard and Visa, making Token smart ring accepted as a secure payment device. Just enter your card info, and pay at every NFC terminal just by placing the ring next to a terminal. Since there are more than 50 mass transit systems using tap-and-go NFC systems, Token can work with all of them.

Other features include a battery that can power the ring for two weeks before needing a recharge, and waterproof capability (up to 50 meters).The ring will be available in three color choices, once it launches – sterling silver, rose gold, and black, and it comes in U.S sizes 6-12. The sterling silver model can be bought for $250, while rose gold and black version cost $300. If you want to get the two accessories (smart lock and car plug) you can buy all three for $400, or the ring and one add-on for $350 (for the sterling silver model). You can pre-order the ring by clicking the link below.

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