Toto Grilloven Allows You to Make Phenomenal Pizzas and Juicy BBQ


If you like both pizza and BBQ you’re in a problem. In order to eat your favorite food, you either have to get a grill and a pizza oven, which will cost you a lot, and there’s also the problem of placing those two in your backyard. Or, you can rely on numerous fast food joints for pizzas or BBQ, but let’s be honest; nothing beats a homemade BBQ or pizza, especially if the pizza was made in a wood-fueled oven. And now someone finally thought of combining those two together and making the Toto Grilloven.

The Toto Grilloven is a masterpiece. Half grill, half pizza oven, it will allow you to become your friends’ favorite chef. Really, be careful if you plan on getting one since once your friends find out there are a pizza oven and a barbecue in your backyard, your house will start hosting regular BBQ parties.

The Toto Grilloven looks amazing. It is made out of stainless steel and coated with seven paint layers making it one hundred percent weatherproof. The oven is made out of bricks, with a steel dome placed over bricks and a ceramic glass oven door. It can make a perfect pizza in minutes and is fueled by wood. The pizza oven features a pyrometer capable of showing temperatures up to 930°F.

Then, we have the grill. It is huge, ready to host a variety of meats and veggies. The grill is equipped with cook deck, making it perfect for traditional cooking. So, when it gets too hot, you can cook outside instead sweating in your kitchen. The grill has fuel grids compatible with wood and charcoal, and the cooking deck can be used for placing meat for grilling on top of being used with pans and woks.

The Toto Grilloven also features two drawers for keeping BBQ and pizza-making tools nearby, and the design is excellent, with bright yellow fuel grid, deep blue pizza oven dome, black frame, and stainless steel grill and drawers. The thing is pretty hefty and takes lots of space, so make sure you can fit it in your backyard before deciding to buy one.

This phenomenal outdoor cooking studio is made in Italy by Alfa 1977 (a premiere grill manufacturer), so the amazing design and marvelous quality were expected. The Toto Grilloven is able to take all of your cooking outside. It is capable of grilling, slow cooking, baking, and stir frying, meaning that with it, you can make almost anything you want, except for ice cream.

The Toto Grilloven can be pre-ordered online, but the price is still unknown.

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