Forget About AirPods And Embrace Touch


Apple decided to remove the 3.5 mm audio jack from the iPhone 7 (and the iPhone 7 Plus) which made all of your wired headphones practically useless. They can be used with a dongle, but if you really want to treat yourself with a pair of quality wireless earbuds, AirPods were the best choice. They provide long battery life and a solid audio quality but their main problem is the fact they aren’t really the most comfortable. In fact, AirPods are pretty uncomfortable and tend to drop out of ears very easy. Instead of embracing Apple’s wireless earphones, you should check out Touch, the world’s best-selling wireless earbuds.

Touch Earpods Indiegogo

The main advantage of Touch is their humble size. They are smaller than AirPods and feature a classic earbud design providing increased grip and higher security once you put them into ears. Instead of being uncomfortable and prone to dropping, Touch wireless earbuds will stay locked to your ears.

These earbuds are naturally curved and they fit any ear perfectly, and they are so damn small you really have to pay close attention just to notice you’re wearing them. Touch are also sweat and water resistant, and with them, you can listen to your favorite music for up to six hours before they ask for a recharge.

Touch can pair to any mobile device supporting Bluetooth, and since they support Bluetooth 4.2 you don’t have to worry about the quality of audio playback, it is superb. They come with a carrying bag that can also be used as a charging pod, and it can fully recharge earbuds two times since it packs a 280mAh battery (each earbud features a 60mAh battery).

Touch Earpods Indiegogo

One feature that truly makes Touch earbuds to stand out of the pack is touch control. The top of each earbud is touch sensitive and can be used for controlling audio players. A single tap will pause the song, a double tap will play the next track, the triple tap will play the previous song, and holding the top will open menu options. Touch earbuds come with replaceable silicon tips and you get three pairs in the package (small, medium, and large) so you are able to change tips if they feel uncomfortable, something you can’t find on AirPods.

You can use Touch while running since won’t drop so easily, and since they are water resistant you can even use them while swimming (although we don’t courage that since the water will probably take them away from your ears in an instant). The earbuds can be found on IndieGoGo, where they are currently raising funds for manufacture. At the moment of this writing, the company behind Touch already managed to gather more than enough money with a whole month before the campaign ends, meaning that you can pre-order a pair without fretting the campaign will close without reaching its funding goal.

Touch Earpods Indiegogo

Touch can be yours for just $99 (the first 20 backers had a chance to get a pair for just $1!), and the expected shipping date is November 2017. You can choose between black and white color choices.

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