Transform any Bicycle Into a Capable E-bike with the UrbaNext E-bike Wheel


Electric bicycles are taking over the world. New models appear regularly, and there are more and more electric bikes on streets with each passing month. They are great for urban areas because they offer a combination of speed and power. If you want to commute to work on a bike but don’t want to look like coming out of the shower (especially during these hot summer days) an e-bike is a perfect solution. It is eco-friendly, and it can drive you wherever you want. No matter if you want a complete electric drive or just want a bit of help while pedaling picking an e-bike is the right choice. It is if you have the money. Since most electric bicycles cost a couple of thousands of dollars, they aren’t really affordable. And there’s one additional problem. What if you already own an excellent bike and don’t want to shell out lots of money just to go electric? Well, you can either keep your old bike or get the UrbaNext e-bike wheel and transform your old and faithful bicycle into an electric bike.

UrbaNext is an all-in-one solution to convert a traditional bike into an electric bike. The wheel can be fitted onto every classic bike, giving you 20mph top speed and a solid 30-mile range. Yes, the range isn’t really the best ever seen when it comes to an e-bike, but it is solid enough to secure a fast and easy trip to work and back, and maybe some relatively short ride in between. And since you won’t have to pay thousands of dollars in order to have the chance of driving an e-bike, the range is quite nice.

The wheel can be fitted in a bit over one-minute meaning there are no complex parts to be fitted, no heavy modifications; just fit the wheel along with a couple of additional parts and you are ready to go. The UrbaNext is very light and it weighs in at only 15 pounds, which is a pretty nice deal because you will get an e-bike and it will only add 15 pounds to your bike, which is next to nothing when looked and the benefits.

All you have to do in order to install UrbaNext is to swap the front wheel, secure throttle to the handlebar and connect the electric wheel to throttle cable. Three easy steps that can be finished in less than two minutes. The system features a removable battery that can be recharged, and you can get an additional one and store it in your backpack, practically doubling the range. You can choose to use the all-electric drive, you can pedal your way through the urban landscape, or pick pedal assistance that will make the range even greater. The Device can be picked in seven sizes, and according to the manufacturer it “is engineered to fit 99% of all traditional bicycles on the market.”

UrbaNext was successfully funded on IndieGoGo and can be pre-ordered for just $319. Instead of spending thousands of bucks, along with replacing your old bike you love, just get one of these and get ready for the 21st century.

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$319 USD

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