Travelmate is a Smart Suitcase Capable of Literally Following You Around


With the rise of crowdfunding platforms such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, many innovative teams got a chance to bring their products to the mass market with the help of us, the consumers. We received a chance to own a crazy amount of cool products. Among those products, there are many modular travel bags, backpacks with a huge number of features, and other cool bags and suitcases. But, they all have one thing in common – all of them have to be carried around by users, they are not capable of moving on their own. If you want to get a suitcase that’s capable of following you around, removing the need to carry it with you at all times, meet Travelmate, a smart suitcase and a robot.

While Travelmate looks like just another suitcase, looks are deceiving. The suitcase is equipped with a set of wheels and it can serve as an autonomous robot companion, granting you an peace of mind in knowing you will never forget your suitcase again. The system powering this futuristic suitcase is called Follow Me, reaping the AI and autonomous movement technology.

Travelmate looks like a regular suitcase, but it does feature shiny LED lighting making it look like some suitcase from Tron movies. This only adds to the suitcase’s futuristic set of features. For the first time ever, you have a chance of owning a fully autonomous robot companion that can store your clothes and other stuff, and give your arms a break from carrying it around everywhere you go.

The wheels are the most important part of the gadget. Travelmate is equipped with Omni wheels capable of multi-directional movement. Combine that with AI and machine learning, and you got yourself a capable robot that can avoid obstacles and that cannot get stuck. The suitcase follows you via the companion mobile app by determining your location and movement via GPS. It knows where you are going and it goes behind you. The suitcase uses machine learning in order to get better and agiler by using data from other Travelmate companions.

The suitcase is equipped with a battery that allows it to move for 4 hours when in autonomous mode, and the battery uses less than 5 percent of the suitcase’s volume. This is important since you don’t want a smart suitcase that has a battery taking a better part of its volume, with you a pretty limited size not enough for taking it with you on long journeys. Its battery can be used as a charger for your laptop or smartphone, and the suitcase’s handle can serve as a portable desk for your laptop so you can work while waiting for a plane.

The suitcase is equipped with a scale, so you will never over pack. It can also be equipped with a camera so it can follow you while you record your next vlog, or be used as a smart security camera to use at your house.

Travelmate is available in three sizes – S version is great as a daily pack since it can house most daily trinkets along with a laptop or a tablet and stuff needed for work, M version is made with weekend trips in mind, and the L version can store enough clothes and other items for long vacations. Travelmate can be yours for $499 (the S version) and you can pre-order it now on IndieGoGo market. The product should start shipping by September 2017. Travelmate smart suitcase looks cool with Ticwatch smartwatch and Volterman smart wallet.

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$499 USD

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