Tsunago – The Pencil Sharpener That Makes Never Ending Pencils


If you have kids which go to school at home, you should know how difficult it is to keep pencils. Firstly, when you sharpen the pencils there is much waste out there. Secondly, the life of a pencil is very short. After some sharpening, it becomes very small. It’s really uncomfortable to hold that pencil correctly.

There are a lot of creative solutions that turn your life with a pencil into a creative adventure. Consider a creative sharpener jar to measure the productivity of your kids.

The Japanese designer Nakajima Jukyudo has come up with even more creative and practical stuff -Tsunago. It is the pencil sharpener that makes never ending pencils. You can use your pencil almost forever – until it breaks, or until you get bored.

How does it work? You will need one more extra pencil of the same size, apart from the one you want to get sharpened. Tsunago has 3 sharpeners. One for a regular sharpener. The other one to create a hole at the end of your pencil which you want to get sharpened. The third one makes a plug on the tip of another pencil. In this way, one pencil is plugged into another one with a glue. You can view the product demonstration on the following video.



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$14 USD

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