Ultraloq UL1 is a Smart Lock With Three Different Ways to Unlock and Remote Access


Yes, we know. Today, everything becomes smart one way or another. But that’s the way the world is going, the next big thing in tech is making literally every appliance smart by adding it different features, along with internet connectivity. The huge wave of smart machines won’t stop until everything you own becomes smart in some way. And today we want to present you a smart lock that can make accessing your house easier than ever. The Ultraloq UL1 is a smart lock with plenty of features, that’s both secure and affordable.

If you want to offer a smart lock to the market, it has to be interesting in more than one way, and the Ultraloq UL1 is pretty interesting. Firstly, it doesn’t feature keys whatsoever. Instead, it can be unlocked with a key fob, biometric identification, or with a smartphone. Next, it does look futuristic and modern, featuring notification lights and polished metal finish.

The lock is made out of two parts, the handle equipped with a fingerprint scanner and the Ultraloq AutoBolt. The Autobolt is an extra layer of security placed above the handle, a small deadbolt part that automatically unlocks once you gain entry, and relocks once you leave the house. It comes in black color and is a perfect fit to the Ultraloq UL1.

You can access your house by putting your finger on a fingerprint sensor placed on the handle, by using Bluetooth proximity detection (shake your smartphone in while in the connected range) or with a contactless key fob. Aside from using it to gain access, the smartphone app for the Ultraloq UL1 can be used to see if you remembered to lock your house, to see who accessed the house and when along with the access type. The smartphone app can be used to add new users for the lock, and deciding on which way they can access the house. You can add up to 100 users in total, and they can unlock the door via a key fob, smartphone or by using fingerprint sensor.

The Ultraloq UL1 uses a high level of security by utilizing bank level 128-bit AES encryption every time a user accesses the lock via Bluetooth connection. Aside from a bank level encryption, designers implemented a second security layer in the form of a dynamic key, making the unique security key randomized during every data transfer. When you are at home and expect someone you can change the lock status to free passage, granting everyone access to our house. The other two locking statuses are auto relock (the lock will relock every time the door is closed), and privacy lockout (during it the lock can be unlocked only by the administrator).

Ultraloq UL1 can be set up in just a couple of minutes. The lock fits any standard American door, and you will be supplied with screwdriver along with all necessary screws in order to install it yourself. If you don’t want to give guests permanent access to your house, you can get the optional Ultraloq Bridge upgrade ($55). With the Bridge you can grant temporary access to guests and visitors, choosing specific dates and periods of time.

The Ultraloq UL1 can be pre-ordered on IndieGoGo market for $119. The package includes one Ultraloq UL1, two key fobs, a screwdriver along with screws and 4 AA batteries. You can get an additional key fob for $5 each, getting a deadbolt will cost you additional $15, and the AutoBolt can be bought for $59.

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$119 USD

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