UNA Grill Is A Portable Grill That Couldn’t Be More Compact


Portable grills should be easy to carry, light, compact, and good looking if possible. We already presented the C4 portable grill that looks like an ammo box, is way cool, but it isn’t really light although the huge handle makes it pretty portable since you will be able to carry it around. But, what if you want a small grill, a grill that is a bit lighter and easier to carry (the C4 weighs 18lbs and is a bit too heavy, to be honest)? Well, you should definitely check out UNA grill, a cool-looking portable grill that you can carry anywhere.

The UNA grill is made with a focus on portability and small weight and it features a handle made out of high-quality leather fitted in order to give it better mobility. The grill is made out of stainless steel, it can be easily set up, and it looks lovely. The lid and the casing are made out of powder coated steel, and high temperature coated steel, respectively. Materials used are of the highest quality and you can rest assured that UNA portable grill will last for years and years.

The grill is very easy to clean (you can wash it in the dishwasher) and easy to set-up. The lid plays a double role. It covers the grill while you carry it, and once you decide to throw a couple of T-bones on fire the lid will serve as a grill stand. Just turn it around, place the casing on it and the barbecue can start. The grill uses modular design and is made out of five parts. In addition to the lid and the casing, UNA grill features a cooking grate and a charcoal grate along with the ash collector. Just place charcoal in the grate, light up the fire, make some delicious barbecue, and then remove the grate and clean the grill.

Its dimensions are 430mm x 160mm x 90mm and the weight is just 3.7 kg (8.2lb) making it a perfect companion for all sorts of outdoor activities. Since it is extremely light you can take it everywhere, to a friend’s place for a small afternoon barbecue in the backyard, to your local river bank for a whole day of grilling and sunning, or to the countryside for a bit of chilling for the weekend. Heck, you can now make a perfect barbecue on your apartment’s balcony if you want!

UNA grill features two grill heights so your meat will always be perfectly grilled, a skewer position for delicate work on the meat, and a compact storage that can be used as a charcoal storage while the grill is assembled. The grill comes in five color choices: Pastel Blue, Cream White, Strawberry Red, Graphite Grey, and Mint Turquoise.

UNA grill is available on Kickstarter for 99 euros, and the project managed to pass its funding in just a couple of days (the original goal was 15,000 euros, and at the time of the writing the phenomenal portable grill managed to gather more than 22,000 euros) with almost a month to go. Projected shipping date is August 2017.

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