Unobrush – a New Device That Intends to Revolutionize Your Brushing Habits


Two engineers from Denmark are presenting a toothbrush that intends to revolutionize how we brush our teeth every day. Unobrush is a device that cleans all your teeth at once, in just 6 seconds using foam material and a traditional toothpaste. Unlike many other toothbrushes, the Unobrush uses the foam as the base material, not the brush. The foam-like material vibrates using the audible sonic vibrations in your mouth, cleaning all your teeth at once.

The Unobrush is designed to fit all types of gum sizes. You need to bite gently and allow the vibrations to clean your mouth. The manufacturers claim that the foam made tooth-brush reaches 99.9% of the surfaces in your mouth. Unofoam the foam base material component(the equivalent of oral swabs) in the device wraps all your teeth and the vibrations clean the surfaces with the help of an ordinary toothpaste. The toothpaste gets distributed equally to the foam surface and the cleaning is done with vibrations.

Apart from cleaning your teeth, Unobrush also intends to keep itself safe by killing all the unnecessary bacteria while you are not using it. The device comes with a docking station that cleans the foam with a UV-light. The docking station has four slots to store and clean four Unobrushes for the family. It is unclear if you can add additional slots for several members of your family. It is also not clear how each person will differentiate their brush.

We know from our previous experiences that this is not the first startup that wants to revolutionize our morning and evening routine process. Amabrush does exactly what it says: cleans all your teeth automatically in 10 seconds. The only difference with Unobrush is that it does not use the foam as the base material. It uses automatically vibrating parallel brushes to clean your teeth. It was also founded at Kickstarter. On the delivery and fulfillment side, the Amabrush did encounter some difficulties. Although some backers have already received their product, the majority has not received it yet due to the defectiveness of some product parts. Changing the supplier, reordering and re-testing take time.

The founders of Unborush say that the company will not encounter the same difficulties as Amabrush on their Kickstarter page. They assured that they do not rely on single manufacturer or monopoly companies for sourcing their parts. The founders are confident that they have a clear, free-from-errors production plan for both low demand and high demand outcomes of the campaign.

Even though the project has been backed in the speed of a rocket, not everyone on the internet is as excited. This thread on Reddit provides more critical reviews than you can think of. We found that some comments in this thread are unfairly too critical, and the Microsoft award is legitimate from our own research. The details of the Microsoft Award can be found in their company’s awards page and we do believe that it is authentic.

Unobrush Microsoft Award
Unobrush Microsoft Award. Image credit:

The effectiveness of the product questioned by critics can be evaluated in this article. It was proven that brushing and oral swab cleaning are equally effective for teeth health through multiple studies.

The only question that remains unanswered about this product is whether the “one size fits all” method actually works because of different mouth and gum sizes in adults and kids. The founders claim that it works for 5-year old kids in the same way as adults. We would not know this until the actual product comes out and we test it on different people.

If you are still interested in the product, you can back the Kickstarter project here. The shipments are expected in May 2019.

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